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The World Is Changing Fast ... Let Us Help You Prepare 

get ahead , stay ahead 

About Us

We are a blockchain advisory firm. We help businesses and individuals prepare for the coming wave of blockchain technology. Blockchain and NFTs will soon be eating everything from receipts to vacation homes to gaming. Our job is to make sure our clients are properly positioned and prepared for this coming onslaught. As well as advisory services, the firm offers opportunities to provide angel funding to promising entrepreneurs. The fund is solely managed by our founder and managing partner - Mr. Spencer H. Jeffries.


Mr. Jeffries is currently a student at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY where he is studying Philosophy and Economics. His academic pursuits at Colgate include moral & ethical philosophy, political science and micro/macro economics. In addition to his academic pursuits, Mr. Jeffries is also interested in Egyptology, Roman History, and Ancient Greek History. At 22 years old, Mr. Jeffries has over 5 years of trading experience in the digital currency markets and over 4 years of trading experience in traditional currency and commodity markets. He understands where the digital markets have been, what direction they are headed and how to extrapolate maximum value for his clients. 



About Us
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Our Services

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Advisory Consulting


Private Digital Capital Management

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